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Long time no see

Here I am typing first blog article since last year. Things has been changed a lot. Life is still good. I still have the teaching job and this is my 4th year staying in this school. Time flies. I can't believe it is my 7th year in teaching. I soemtimes recalled my memories of being first year teacher. Honestly, it was horrifying. Howeve, I don't really care what students talk about me. I am a teacher; teaching is my job.

Conartists are still in the school. They are still pretty jealuous of us. That's their problems though, not mine. One of the conartist even tries to scam students' parents' money to help them to get into colleges. The program is INTO program. The problem is not about the program. It is about the teacher who has been doing this to make profit. He is a liar and horrible human being. I have warned my students not to believe what he says. He will be always jealuous of our lives because he will never catch up on us. 

I am 33 years. Soon, my husband and I are going to celebrate our 6 year anniversary next month. Usually, couples who are married for 6 years have already had children, but unusually we still don't. I am still not interested in having my own offspring. I am not sure about my husband, but he keeps saying it is not a right time. Our cousin got pregnant which is not a good news to us. We are flying back this Christmas, I can imagine we will be asked when to have babies or when to move back. 

It is October. In the end of this month, one day after my husband's soccer tournament, we are flying to Japan to enjoy Halloween in Universal Stuido Osaka. The last time I went to Japan was 2003-2004 New Year in Hokaido. Since then, I only landed Japan for tranfering the flight to Taiwan or US. Even we are going to stay only in USJ, but I am looking forward to this trip. Because the upcoming Japan trip, I stared reviwing Japanese. My minor was Japanese when I was in college. I have not really tried to use the language for like 10 years. Recently, I have an idea that I want to go to Hokaido for 3 weeks to study Japanese in Summer 2017. I have done all the reseaches, and collected all the information. I think I can make it happen because I think I need some "me" time in a new environment.