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I am ( not )with you.

So, we have been messaged each other for a week, and finally I befriended with your mother. She hasn't changed a bit since I met her like 8 or 9 years ago. You, I think you are not the same person I have known.

You have become a rancher. I would have never thought about you living on the ranch and rasing cattle. Now, you are doing it. You still have research job in an oil company in Tulsa, but live on the ranch. I can't imagine how long it takes for you to commute everyday to work. However, I feel really happy for you. You said to live on the ranch is something you have missed, and you have accomplished it. Also, you live the same town where you grew up, what a perfect place it is, right? You look like you have found a goal for your life. 

Me, here in Taiwan, today is graduation day. It is the day that everything is chaotic. Basically, all the students and teachers are going to waer caps and gowns, smile and hang in there for a day. It has been raining for about 2 weeks, can't say I love the rain, just really annoying, and it affects my mood a lot. I don't pay attention to Oklahoma news, accriding to my friends in Lawton, it has been raining too much, and flooding in Southern Oklahoma and Texas. 

I have graduated from OSU for 8 years, and for you is 9 years. Recalled my graduation, you couldn't come, Wooley came, but you did call me to congratulate. When you graduated, I didn't plan to see your ceremony, thanks my friend because her friend was the same college as you, so I was able to see you walking the graduation. When I went to see you after the ceremony, that was the first time to meet your parents and sister. You told them so much about me. They seemed to know me before we met. 

Ok, I am going to stop here. I am going to get dressed. I am a pretty girl today. Ha!