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My first time ever big purchase!

We, when I said "we" here means me and my husband. Since we moved back to Taiwan, we have known we are going to stay here for a long time. For how long? No idea! Now, we have finished our 2nd year in our school, we also have signed the 3rd year contracts with bonus. Most importantly is that my hard working husband has gotten promotion in 2 years. He is the new administrator in our school. Finally, he has worked so hard to accomplish one of his goals. It is his time to shine, to show his ability. I am so proud of him, because of me, he resigned his teaching job in Oklahoma; he missed a huge oppourtinty to become an elementary school principle. 

I am 32 years old. Of course I would like to be a parent someday. I know I am in my highest point of my life, and I have been enjoying it. My job is not an easy job as other people thought. I have worked hard and spent a lot of time on my students. However, I think maybe it's time to think about our future. Maybe next year, we would like to reduce the traveling, shopping, and entertaning costs for our next level of responsibility. 

So, our first decision is to buy another car. My husband's working schdule for next year will be much heavier than last year. He is one of the administrators in the school, so he will have night duty and weekend duty. I can't stay school with him until 10:30pm, during weekends or come back to pick him up, because we only have one car. Indeed, we need a 2nd car for him. My husband grew up with all the classic and luxury cars because his father is a classic car dealer. My husband drove the famous brand cars you could ever imagine when he grew up. Like father like son, he loves Porsche so much, he wish he could have owned a Cayenne.

But with our budget, we know we can't afford a Cayenne, we decided to go with Benz or BMW. My dad didn't against the idea, he was willing to help us. While we were in Guam, he started looking for cars in our budget. We both like ML 350 and X3, so my dad called his friend to find the cars we like. Eventually, he found 3 cars, we went to check them out today, and we finally decided on ML 350. My mother made the bargain in the end, she was not happy that dad was being too nice. When my parents were signing the contract, I couldn't believe we are going to be ML 350 owners. My dream came true, but it was surreal, too good to believe it. My husband was calm and content. He knew no matter what decision we made, we would be happy with our decision. This was my first time ever to spend a such great amount of money. I have felt guilty since then. I guessed because I have never spent that much money on a necessary item. Thanks my parents for helping us!

Being an adult sucks sometimes because a lot of responsibilities an adult needs to carry. We own a house in the USA, own 2 cars here in Taiwan, and future plans for starting a family. There are too many things on our list, but for our future, we also have to sarcrifice. We can't have anything we want, but at least we deserve the things we need.